Well at Home

Looking to improve housing in Nunavik

This platform invites you to share ideas and suggestions on changes you would hope to see in your home in order to participate in improving housing in Nunavik.

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Make the Family Shine

KMHB and Makivvik are already working together to optimize housing. By involving you in the process, we are ensuring that these changes better meet your needs.

What is the Well at Home initiative?

Aside from maintaining and managing its housing stock, KMHB wishes to address the needs of people who live under its roofs.

Including tenants in the housing improvement process seems to be a necessary step to ensure that family life flourishes in our homes.

The Well at Home initiative highlights the ongoing partnership between KMHB and Makivvik by further involving tenants through this platform dedicated to sharing ideas and needs.

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What will happen to my ideas?


COLLECTS the comments received and SHARES them with Makivvik.


ANALYSES the comments and IMPLEMENTS the possible changes.

All comments are interesting and will be considered.
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